The medical aesthetics industry is a high growth industry. Over the past ten years, procedures have generated a tremendous amount of revenue, creating jobs and substantial business opportunities. And over the past year alone, the medical aesthetics industry increased by $3 billion!

The concept of medical aesthetics moving into new markets is fueling the fire of this business boom. Medical aesthetic treatments are non-invasive and are performed not only in medical spas and doctor’s offices, but also gyms, OBGYN’s, hair salons and dentist offices.

Among the 15.4 million cosmetic minimally-invasive procedures performed in 2016, the top 4 were:

1.Cavitation ( Cellulite removal) (7 million procedures, up 797 percent since 2000)

2.RF ( Radio frequency) (2.6 million procedures, up 298 percent since 2000)

3.Below zero fat freezing (1.3 million procedures, up 18 percent since 2000)

4.Laser hair removal (1.1 million procedures, up 51 percent since 2000)

This high growth is not surprising because it reflects a healthy and robust marketplace where many people can afford to and choose to invest in themselves. In the past, people viewed medical aesthetic treatments as a luxury. But now, people view medical aesthetic treatments as essential to be competitive in the workforce. Moreover, youth is an asset, and people are investing in themselves to achieve a younger, healthier appearance.


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